Celbar Loose Fill Blown in Insulation

What is Celbar?

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Celbar is a blend of specially prepared cellulose fibers, organic in nature, treated with adhesive and fire resistant chemicals. When sprayed in place, the interlocking fibers result in a mass that produces excellent sound and thermal properties. Celbar effectively reduces sound and heat transfer by creating dead air spaces between and within its fibers. This process seals cracks and holes in the wallboard, around plumbing and electrical outlets, vent ducts and other irregularities. There are no compressed areas or voids to allow sound leaks, R-value reduction, or air infiltration.
Loosefill Insulation being blown into an atticUsing a long hose that’s connected to a blowing machine, insulation is directed into a wall cavity or attic, filling the cavity or blanketing the space. To achieve the desired R-value, install the amount specified on the coverage chart printed on the bag.

As a practical matter, a homeowner should only consider installing cellulose in their attic, either where there is none today or as a cap over existing material.

How does Celbar blown in insulation work?

Celbar loosefill blown insulation stops movement of heat from radiating into your homeCelbar Loose fill blown in insulation stops the movement of heat from radiating into your home from the roof.

Properly insulating and air sealing your home is one of the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective steps you can take to immediately reduce your heating and cooling bills and help preserve the environment.

How Much Do I Need In My Attic?

R-Value recommendations
Each area of the country has different recommended R-values for insulation. Refer to this map to find out the recommended R-values for your area.

What about Settling?

All blown-in insulations are subject to settling. Industry standards, therefore, require all such products to be installed based on their settled density.

This means your initial application of Loose fill will be thicker to compensate, making sure your R-Value remains consistent.

Compare Insulation

R-Value ComparisonsWhen selecting insulation for your home, you want the best performing product available, and the one that provides you with the best value for your money. With Celbar Insulation you get both great value and great performance, including the highest R-value per inch, excellent fire retardant capabilities and exceptional sound control.