The Highest Quality Cellulose Spray Insulation.

Celbar Cellulose Spray InsulationCelbar® insulation for residential and commercial applications is an energy saving cellulose spray insulation product made from recycled high quality paper. Celbar is natural cellulose fibers. These select natural fibers are combined in a unique process with the highest quality fire retardants. Celbar attic and wall insulation effectively reduces sound and heat transfer by creating dead air spaces between and within its fibers.

Save Money with Celbar Cellulose Insulation

Celbar Cellulose Spray InsulationProperly insulating and air sealing your home is one of the quickest, easiest, most cost effective steps you can take to immediately reduce your heating and cooling bills. Studies show that heating and cooling costs are a major component of the home’s and building’s monthly utilities. Clearly, this makes your attic or wall insulation selection one of the most important energy investments you can make.

Fire ResistantDoesn’t Itch, Fire Resistant

Many competitors argue that because cellulose insulation is made from paper, it’s naturally more flammable than other forms of insulation. The fact is, Celbar has always been formulated with Borates and is free of all ammonia additives. Borates are a highly effective fire retardant. This is important for both residential and commercial insulation.

Celbar Cellulose also meets all Federal regulations and ASTM standards for fire safety, in accordance with UL 723 and ASTM C-739-11 characteristics.

Naturally Safe

Green HouseWhile people may debate the causes of global warming, it is just common sense to use products that have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Insulation, by reducing the amount of energy required to heat or cool a building, is environmentally friendly. But don’t be fooled into thinking all insulating materials are equal. There is plenty of greenwashing taking place to make products look more beneficial, or less harmful, to the environment than they really are.

NO NOISEPerformance Where It Counts

Celbar wall insulation provides superior sound transfer control demanded by building designers, owners and occupants in residential and commercial insulation. Celbar assemblies perform closer to lab tested STC ratings in the field than do other conventional batt and sound board systems. This is due to the complete coverage and the sealing action of Celbar.

Avoid Embarassment

Another very commonly overlooked interior application is controlling sound transmission of falling water, running water or other embarrassing noises. Lavatories, water closets, utility rooms, plumbing lines can be easily insulated against noise during initial construction.

Thermal Resistance

Thermal ImagingHeat moves into, out of and through your home in four ways: by conduction (which R-Value measures), and by convection, radiation and air infiltration (none of which R-Value  measures).

A superior insulation system will have a high R-Value (prevent heat transfer via conduction), will be pneumatically or spray applied, fully filling the building cavity (preventing heat loss via convection), and will be densely packed (preventing heat loss via air infiltration and radiation). Celbar Cellulose insulation meets all four of these critical performance criteria!

By comparison, the most widely used insulation material, conventional fiberglass batts, only helps prevent conduction.