Become an Installer

If you are a insulation contractor, Celbar products can be purchased directly from International Cellulose Corporation.

Celbar Cellulose Insulation Systems

Our Requirements for Purchase:
1. Be a legally registered company in the state you conduct business.
2. Be able to purchase wholesale. Celbar products are not sold on a retail level.
3. Purchase a minimum.
4. Be able to off load a delivery to your warehouse or jobsite
5. Have commercial credit or prepay your orders.

Celbar cellulose insulation is blown in and then planed to ensure complete insulation coverage.

All Celbar items can be shipped and delivered in 5 days.*
Celbar may not be available for direct purchase in all areas.**
Celbar products must be installed using professional insulating equipment.

*In some cases, 10-12 working days are required for shipping and delivering. The manufacturer cannot control the delivery after the truck has left the ICC factory. 
**Due to our commitment to creating lasting relationships with our customers, a long term business relationship may already be established with a contractor for the area. In these situations, Celbar can be purchased and installed through this local company.

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